Friday, 15 July 2011

Your preschooler will travel the learning superhighway with the Lightning McQueen Learning Laptop from VTech. Shaped like the Lightning McQueen character and featuring the best-loved characters from Cars 2, this laptop will take your child on a learning adventure featuring 30 activities that teach letters, words, math and logic. A Qwerty keyboard and tire-shaped mouse add an additional element of fun and mimic a real grown-up laptop. Full Qwerty keyboard. Real voice of Lightning McQueen. 30 activities teach letters, words, math and logic. Tire-shaped mouse and 3 Cars 2 character buttons. LCD screen.

Product Features

  • Full Qwerty keyboard
  • Real voice of Lightning McQueen
  • 30 activities teach letters, words, math and logic
  • Tire-shaped mouse and 3 cars 2 character buttons
  • LCD screen

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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Product Features

  • Real 1.3 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom
  • Includes 3 games
  • 128 MB internal memory stores up to 1000 photos
  • Take photos with funny stamps, borders or silly photo effects
  • Video recording with sound


Smile and say "cheese". With 4-in-1 endless fun, the Kidizoom Camera from VTech allows your child to become an instant photographer and movie director with the press of a button. Your child's creativity will come alive as they learn to take and edit their photos with wacky effects. They can also shoot their own video movies or play 3 cool games right on the camera. With storage of up to 1000 photos and the ability to connect to a computer, your child can easily keep all of their creations so they can be treasured forever. Real 1.3 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom. Includes 3 games. 128 MB internal memory stores up to 1000 photos. Take photos with funny stamps, borders or silly photo effects. Video recording with sound.

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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Product Features

  • Real 1.3 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom
  • Includes 3 games
  • 128 MB internal memory stores up to 1000 photos
  • Take photos with funny stamps, borders or silly photo effects
  • Video recording with sound


We havent had this long, but so far it seems playfulness. My boy seems to really enjoy having a camera of his own and it is truly sturdy.

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Friday, 1 July 2011

I like best about the vreader is you also have the option of buying an SD card and going on the vtech website to download books. The purchase of the vreader gave you 6 coins you could use to pay off 6 downloadable books. Loading the 6 books could not have been well to do. Put the SD card in the slot in the back of the vreader by the batteries, hook up the mini USB cord (comes with the vreader) chose the books on the vtech website to download and a distich minutes later the books are on the SD card and good to go. There are about 10 downloadable books available right now on the vtech website, including Seasame Street character books, although you may not use the free coins vtech gives you with the purchase of the vreader to download these books. Vtech says it will be adding more books soon.

This toy did somewhat well on battery life. The batteries lasted on the subject of 6-8 hours of non-stop play if you keep the backlight on the low setting. If you keep it on the brightest setting, the batteries only last about 2 hours. You can also purchase a AC adapter and a car plug as an alternative to running on batteries. The vreader does not have a rechargeable battery like a Kindle. This is probably it's largest drawback.

The vreader operates by touch screen with ease. The vreader offers a stylus, but my daughter does not use it. She simply touches the screen with her fingers and has not had any problems working the book in this manner.

I love that the story comes with games likewise. A lot of reading knowledge games, vocabulary and spelling games as well. I had fun playing the games with my little. She has a Leapster, but this holds her attention a lot more then that ever has. I propose this e-reader to anyone who has pre-school aged children. It is a impressive, playfulness, and educational toy.


Thursday, 30 June 2011

We got two of these Vtech Rhyme & Discover Books for our twins last Christmas , and they acted with these at least half an hour at a time, several times a day. At 10 months later the kids (now a little over 2 years old) still play with them regularly, anywhere from four to five to Quarter hour a day, sometimes more.
The books have been smeared by sticky hands and wipe clean well, and they have been dropped countless times without damage. .
Just recently, 10 months later, we have switched the batteries (two AAAs) in one of the books, and the other one is still going on the batteries that came inside it.

The pros are:

  • Price (you get lots of bells and whistles for this amount of money) and batteries included
  • Durability
  • Cleanability
  • Visually interesting (Four panels or "pages," for a total of seven different pictures/sides to look at, plus a couple of two-sided movable pieces that make sound effects, and three light-up "tab" buttons in the shape of a lamb, kitten and puppy, each with their own sound effects)
  • Huge musical variety -- some songs have a couple bars of vocals and some are just instrumental ("Ring around the rosie," "Twinkle twinkle little star," "Mary had a little lamb," "Little Bo Peep," "Hey diddle diddle," "Bingo," "Three little kittens," "This is the way we ...," "Old McDonald had a farm," "The farmer in the dell," "Rockabye baby," "This old man," "London Bridge is falling down," "Three blind mice," "Sur le pont d'Avignon")

The cons:

  • The on-off switch has two volume choices, but the louder option is a little too loud for young ears. The lower volume is fine, and it would be nice if toy makers would put the volume switch somewhere less accessible to the child. My kids, and the ones I've babysat, all seem to like to crank the volume to the highest setting, and the highest setting seems as though it has the potential to damage hearing over the long term. (This is a problem with many toys, and not unique to this one.)
  • It would be nice to have the entire song for some musical selections (you get only part of the song and not all the lyrics either), but it's not a huge minus considering how many songs are included

Overall, based on my kids' experience with this toy, I would recommend this to my friends and/or give as a gift.



As our 15 months old has brought a keen plot to my laptop, we felt this would b nice alternative. Turns out, not really, they know the difference. Still, this is a fun toy for the little ones.

Essentially this unit makes an assortment of music, sounds and interacts with keyboard input. Two volume levels are present and we find the lower setting to be consummate as it can get a bit loud on the higher setting. There are plenty of voices, sounds, and music to keep things from getting too repetitive. There is also a little mouse that-well-is shaped like a mouse, that can be moved up, down, left, and right with a corresponding voice stating the movement. The mouse is attached to the unit and can not be removed so nothing can be lost or swallowed.

Durability is very good on this item with no small items that can break off or removed for using up or chocking (This is of primary concern for us as it should be for all).


One thing to watch out for and as another reviewer stated, is my boy closes the lid on his fingers or hand. Now for some reason after he closes the lid he places all of his 8 month old might into ensuring it is closed. So I would not walk away and leave him long with it alone as who knows how much pressure it takes for him to feel it. So far he has not injured himself and he has not cried or made any other type of commotion - yet. Just something to take into consideration. I am sure if it really hurt he would stop but I am a paranoid father.

Now my boy does tend to get bored easily and this item is no different. In fact now when I spread out the screen and play with it with him, he just casually reaches over and closes the screen-often. I consider my wife taught him that so that I would do the same with my own laptop.

Battery life so far is very good with the unit being used everyday for 3 weeks and no sign of weakness. This is a relief as some toys eat through batteries very quickly and things get costly over time as the good batteries are not exactly cheap. We tend to go through 10-15 batteries a week in his other items such as rockers, toys, etc..

Oh, how I envy him and his simple laptop; no investments, no news, no work emails, no etc.... just lights, music, and sound.

Our boy really does enjoy the time with this toy and though he seems now to be more fascinated with closing the lid than anything else there are times he enjoys just slamming his fist at the keyboard and looking up at the screen. Now THAT he did get from daddy! ;)


My little guy is pretty active and has been pulling up since he was 5 months old. I picked this up on a shopping trip with him because it caught his interest and it was a pretty competitive price. He's nearly 9 months old now and he still plays with it. Entertaining? Yes. Educational? Not so much. Mostly he just opens and closes the barn door or mashes all the buttons at once. Sometimes I just sit with him on the floor and help point out things. I'll say "Cow" and point at the cow and "What does the cow say? The cow says 'mooo'" and push the button (which makes the cow moo).

We had another walker that was given to him as a gift and while that walker did have a way to slow down the wheels (this one does not), it seemed to tip over a lot more no matter what we did.

At nearly 9 months old, he still is n't quite walking yet so he likes to crawl over and get this and use it to walk across the room.


  • Entertaining
  • Doesn't tip over as easy as some of the other walkers
  • Sturdy- My little guy hasn't torn it up in the 4 months he's been beating on it and he's even tried to climb it.
  • Soundboard comes off to lay on the floor for babies who just can't get up to it yet
  • Two modes- Story mode will do shapes/colors/numbers; Music mode just plays music with every button mash.


  • Always losing the phone because it isn't attached like the shapes are
  • A few times my little guy will be sound asleep and I'll be watching tv and this will just start playing music all by itself. At that point, I turn it off.
  • Pretty loud, even on the lower of the two settings.


It's not a bad little walker if you're on carpet. I can't say how it works on areas other than carpet but my guy plays with this in the carpeted living room and it works pretty well. It's a decent price for the entertainment it offers, just don't assume that because it says it's a 'learning' walker that it's going to make your baby a genius.


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